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~ Ni hao! Since first visiting China in 2004, first as a tourist and then as a teacher, I have become fascinated with the country. It is crucial that American teachers and students learn about China, as our two countries' futures are intertwined. With this website, I aim to help Americans learn about China. By teaching in China, I introduce Chinese teachers and students to the United States. With knowledge about each others' cultures, I hope we can overcome fear and prejudice and forge positive and mutually beneficial relationships between our two countries.
~ This website provides photographs to analyze, poetry to discuss, and websites from which to learn. Most of this information focuses on modern China (since 1900), although some references to ancient Chinese history and culture are present.) Enjoy your travels in China Today!--Sue Cannon

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“On a personal level, to learn about another great culture is to enrich one’s life, to understand one’s own country better, to feel more at home in the world, and indirectly to add to that reservoir of individual goodwill that, many generations from now, temper the cynical use of national power.” - Vikram Seth